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The Beginning

I began this blog in May of 2011 in the wake of what felt like losing my mind. I was about to graduate with a Master’s Degree in a field I no longer wanted to work in, I was working in a job that was supposed to be my dream job, but I hated, and I had no idea who I was or where I was going. I was lonely, depressed and felt like I was slowly going mad. I began to have panic attacks daily and eventually ended up in the ER one evening with intense pain in my eyes, convinced that I had a brain tumor and was dying. Upon being discharged from the hospital and being told I was not dying, but was possibly suffering the side effects of severe stress, I realized that I was a mess and something needed to change.

A few weeks later I had an epiphany that led me to start this blog and I made my first entry. A year and a half later as I look back at where my life has gone, I realize how important this process of sharing my creative work with others has been for me as find my own inner strength and direction. I’m still learning and growing every day and often have moments that feel like I am sinking back into madness, but I also know that I now have a deep sense of self and have found immense joy in the creative process.

Below, is that very first blog post I published, and ultimately the beginning of this amazing journey I have been on this past year and a half. When I made that first entry I never could have imagined how far this process would take me. Up until that point I had never shared my creative work with anyone, due to immense fear and insecurity, and today I do it almost daily.

Now I once again feel like I’m at another crossroads in my life (but, this time I am starting from what I have already built, not at rock bottom) so I felt like acknowledging these first steps and how far I have come. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my work and I hope to continue to create and share it with the world!

Today: (Originally Published May 2011)

Today, I began to mourn the loss of my creative self that so long ago I buried deep within the recesses of my mind; never even allowing myself to return to the grave site to pay my respects. The day of the burial I walked away without looking back, but could hear a faint cry for help as I had buried my artistic ambitions alive, left to suffocate beneath a mound of intellectualism, practicality, and cultural pressure. Instead I became a student, a teacher, a girlfriend and a traveler. I found artistic expression in nature and in my social circles, but never in myself. I retrained a passionate ambition to create, but with no outlet in my life, jumped from place to place, job to job, and vision to vision. Each new undertaking was only exciting as long as the initial newness and artistic imagery lasted. Not wanting to fully accept artistic death, I kept around a few hobbies, but routinely sabotaged my own work with self-doubt, distrust of others, and a wall of insecurity.

Today, my subconscious brought me back to the burial site and wouldn’t let me leave until I acknowledged what I had done. Now faced with the reality of my loss, I mourn, while at the same time fend off my inner voice that tells me to stop being silly and just let go once and for all. It tells me that I left behind my art for a reason and that it is a selfish and meaningless waste of time. I listen to these thoughts and weep at their cruelty.

Today as I grieve and question, I am also uplifted at the prospect of raising the dead and once again living an artistic life.

Today, I mourn, forgive and embrace the unknown.






8 responses to “The Beginning”

  1. rblend Avatar

    Always nice to be able to see where you came from and realize how far you have come!

  2. Judy660 Avatar

    What an amazing post!! It really resonates with me as I’ve been walking a similar path for the past several months to discover/recover the self I buried beneath mound after mound of repressed memories and emotions from the past 30+ years. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  3. anitajohorton Avatar

    Dear Lauriel, This is an amazing post! I’m an artist and an art teacher. I try, everyday, to inspire my students to never take their creative passion for granted, and never ever let it go. I want to read this aloud to them tomorrow in class. Additionally, I wondered if I could post it in MY OWN blog sometime in the next couple of weeks? Would you give me permission to do so? My email is anitajohorton at me dot com and my blog is . Please email me your response. Congratulations for being courageous to find yourself. Stay strong and carry on! Sending creative mind waves to you. . .

  4. travelgardeneat Avatar

    You have captured well part of what I think attracts so many to blog ~ Kat

  5. marysensei Avatar

    I can totally relate to feeling trapped in a profession that you thought you wanted. I am several years out of college and am teaching – something I did not go to school for and did not know I wanted to do. Thank goodness we followed our instincts and went down the unknown path as oppose to continuing down the one we were on.

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  7. anitajohorton Avatar

    Hi, I previously wrote you and asked for permission to reblog your article and I’ve finally done it! Thank you for your writing. You can read the reblogged version on .

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