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A Very Hot June in the Pacific Northwest

This year has been pretty A-typical, weather wise, and June has been no exception. Normally this time of year it is still damp and cool and I have always said that summer starts on July 5th in the Pacific Northwest (as it almost always rains on the 4th). But, this year summer arrived sometime in April. We are now pushing 90-100 degree days with no end in sight, which in itself is so rare in these parts that both the locals and the native plants and animals are in a state of shock and disbelief. The grasses have already turned brown and the dark, wet, rainforest trees appear dry and brittle. The flowers and berries that normally bloom and fruit in mid-late summer are already here and are giving us all an uneasy feeling about what is to come.

It has been a while since I got out with my camera as I just finished up my first year as a classroom teacher and honestly have been too exhausted to think about photography. But, now that I have had some time to rest I am again ready to get out and explore this beautiful region that I call home! Here are a few photos from around my house to get started and there should be many more to come of areas across Oregon and Washington over the rest of the summer!


Bike Tour! (Day 8 & 9)

Orcas Island (Doe Bay):

The last few days have been so beautiful and so relaxing, that I haven’t felt like writing or posting, or really doing much of anything! Doe Bay is lovely (although a tad too expensive) and tomorrow we will be heading to Obstruction Pass State Park for a bit more of a rustic and remote setting.








Bike Tour! (Day 7)

Spencer Spit State Park (Lopez Island) to West Beach Resort (Orcas Island):

Today we cycled a short 4 miles to the ferry dock at Lopez Island, ate a delicious burger and deep fried, sugar coated, dough bits, took the ferry to Orcas Island, and then biked the 10, hilly miles to West Beach Resort just outside of Eastsound. The day was hot, but beautiful and we are spending the evening relaxing on the waterfront deck with a cold beverage!