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  • A Long Saturday Walk Across Portland

    A Long Saturday Walk Across Portland

    The beauty of Portland during spring is best experienced through immersion. This weekend, I went for a seven mile walk from NE Portland to Sellwood so that I could soak up the perfect weather and admire the endless flowers in full bloom. Here is some of what I found: Dogwood, Rhododendrons, Cherry Blossoms, and Camas.…

  • My Very First Trail “Run”

    My Very First Trail “Run”

      About two years ago I decided that I wanted to start running. I was in my mid thirties and office work was keeping me more sedentary than I would have liked. I hated going to the gym, and was not a particularly athletic person, but I did love being outside, so running seemed like…

  • A Walk to North Portland: Poetry, Spring Flowers, and Empty Streets

    A Walk to North Portland: Poetry, Spring Flowers, and Empty Streets

    I always find it interesting how many people will drive long distances to go hiking, but many of those same people won’t walk long distances in their own cities. For me, most of inner Portland can be accessed on foot, and I think that a two, three, four, or even eight mile walk across the…

  • The Perpetual Vagabond is Back!

    The Perpetual Vagabond is Back!

    Hello Dear Readers! I began this blog in May of 2011, while reading Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, a book about discovering or recovering our creativity. At that time, I was not only unaware of that fact that creativity was something I had lost, but I also came to understand how that loss was…

  • Grief, Love, and Remembrance

    Grief, Love, and Remembrance

    A few days ago I found myself standing in front of the memorial for the victims of the racist, violent attack that happened last week on a MAX train in Portland. I stood there and cried, while other people did the same. Portland has always been my home, but standing there made me feel like…

  • Spiral Plant 

  • Portland 2017: Epic Snow Storm

    Here are a few photos from this past week’s snow storm that brought Portland to a standstill and kept most of us from going to work for a week. The snow is now melting and everything has turned into a slushy mess. I think most of us are glad to see it go, but at…

  • Photos: December in Forest Park

    A beautiful, misty,  December hike through Forest Park in Portland Oregon:

  • Photos: Spring in Portland, 2014

  • Photo Essay: Portland Ice Storm, 2014

    Well, the snow storm of 2014 turned into an ice storm last night and there is a 1/3 inch of ice covering everything! These are just a few photos from around my house as getting out is not really possible right now. I’m starting to get cabin fever though, so hopefully the rain will return…