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Today is my Birthday.

I’m turning 31.

When I was young I never thought past 26, which was the age I pictured as being an “adult”. I didn’t realize then that adulthood was much more a process of evolution and transformation than a static end in itself.

I didn’t realize the differences between 26 and 31 and how much I would grow and learn in that time. I didn’t realize that growing up was a beautiful journey that I would actually enjoy and that with each passing year I would find more strength and comfort in myself and my choices.

I did remember when my mother turned 30 she said it was the best day of her life and that for many of the adults around me, their 30’s seemed to transform them into much more stable, kind and centered people. So, getting older was never something I dreaded or tried to avoid.

But, this year feels like monumentally an un-monumental day. There is nothing particularly interesting about 31, nothing special, nothing new. I’m just another year older. Another year to try to get as much out of my life as I can. And to be honest I feel blessed that I have made it this far, as many people don’t. I am grateful for my health and my community. And I am hopeful that this year will bring opportunities for me to expand my creative potential and continue to find new outlets as a photographer and traveler.

I’ve always liked events that mark the passage of time and celebrate life, so birthday’s have always felt quite special to me, but the more time that passes and the quicker it seems to speed up as I age, the less ready I am to mark the years as they go by. So instead of throwing myself a big party or doing something extravagant, this year I think I am going to go for a walk in the sunshine, take some deep breaths and see if I can get time to slow down just a little for the day so I can soak in the feeling of having one more year on this earth.