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Bike Tour! (Day 6)

Deception Pass State Park to Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island:

Today was a beautiful, and while fairly short overall, exhausting day! We finally made it to the San Juan Islands and decided to start our time here on the “bicycle island”. Our campsite is amazing, our dinner at the “Love Dog Cafe” was amazing, the weather is amazing and everything around us is simply beautiful!


















Bike Tour! (Day 2)

Today we traded in bike paths and trains for ferries, highways and back roads. We rode from Kingston, WA to Port Townsend, WA for a total of 32 miles. Overall, it was a wonderful day although a bit challenging. The terrain was hilly and the shoulder often disappeared into the moss. In the end, we ended up at Ft. Townsend State park in a beautiful hiker/biker campsite all to ourselves!











Lauriel Arwen, Orion & The Philosoraptor


We talk about:

…how US culture deals with death, but specifically:
the anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden, vengeance, the philosophical comedy of Greg Proops, population control, Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s thoughts on celebrating death, Was the US reaction to 9/11 the wrong one? & Why did a facebook ‘friend’ delete our entire conversation?




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@ the DNC tonight: Telemundo personality Cristina Saralegui (a woman with 100 million viewers)
says, “Don’t boo…VOTE!”




Hey folks! I’d really like to make a living doing something I love (it would even make these shows a ton better…

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Lauriel Arwen, Sean, Orion, The Anonylosopher/The Philosoraptor/Bird of Prey


We talk about:

How US culture deals with death, but specifically…belief(lessness), the responsibility of freedom, When could you kill?, The Todd Glass Show, Alan Turing, Trayvon Martin, homophobia, racism, the conservative/liberal disconnect, the philosophical comedy of Jackie Kashian




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Intelligence Study Links Low IQ to Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism

Professor Gordon Hodson, PhD



Hey folks! I’d really like to make a living doing something I love (it would even make these shows a ton better in the process).  It’s really easy to help…

If you like what I’m doing:

1) …say so on the iTunes comments page for the show


2) Tell your friends…

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Portland Comedian & ‘Professor of Tap’ Sue Ceswick…you’ll love her…


We talk about:

tap dancing, wishing ‘making music’ was something everyone did, The Bridgetown Comedy Fest, Doug Benson, Dave Chappelle, MSNBC, Oprah, the Jack London Bar, inside the Portland comedy scene, Helium Comedy Club, the Funhouse, English is stupid, influences/idols, GWAR, fear, comedy philosophy




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1) Open Tap Dancing Classes taught by Sue on Wednesdays!!!  5 bucks!!!  You don’t need shoes!!!:

Sue’s Tap Class at the Jack London Bar (Portland, OR)


2) Lauriel Arwen’s Photo Blog


3) Meanwhile…I, Sam Davis, do hereby have a July 2012 Photo Show at New Cascadia Traditional.
(it’s a great gluten-free bakery):

New Cascadia Traditional (Facebook & their site)
1700 SE 6th (SE…

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Today is my Birthday.

I’m turning 31.

When I was young I never thought past 26, which was the age I pictured as being an “adult”. I didn’t realize then that adulthood was much more a process of evolution and transformation than a static end in itself.

I didn’t realize the differences between 26 and 31 and how much I would grow and learn in that time. I didn’t realize that growing up was a beautiful journey that I would actually enjoy and that with each passing year I would find more strength and comfort in myself and my choices.

I did remember when my mother turned 30 she said it was the best day of her life and that for many of the adults around me, their 30’s seemed to transform them into much more stable, kind and centered people. So, getting older was never something I dreaded or tried to avoid.

But, this year feels like monumentally an un-monumental day. There is nothing particularly interesting about 31, nothing special, nothing new. I’m just another year older. Another year to try to get as much out of my life as I can. And to be honest I feel blessed that I have made it this far, as many people don’t. I am grateful for my health and my community. And I am hopeful that this year will bring opportunities for me to expand my creative potential and continue to find new outlets as a photographer and traveler.

I’ve always liked events that mark the passage of time and celebrate life, so birthday’s have always felt quite special to me, but the more time that passes and the quicker it seems to speed up as I age, the less ready I am to mark the years as they go by. So instead of throwing myself a big party or doing something extravagant, this year I think I am going to go for a walk in the sunshine, take some deep breaths and see if I can get time to slow down just a little for the day so I can soak in the feeling of having one more year on this earth.


A story from my time at sea in the spring of 2003.

The Perpetual Vagabond

It was 3:30 in the morning and I had just been hit in the arm by a flying fish. Despite this, my all consuming nausea and dizziness was really the focus of my sleepless, disoriented thoughts, but the sting in my right shoulder and a winged fish floundering around on the deck also disturbed me.

The ships rigging creaked and shuddered while we sailed through another long hot Caribbean night. I was on night watch from midnight until 4am and I had been at the helm when I became ill, a distinct pattern. It was my 30th consecutive day of seasickness and my favorite kind of fish, the flying fish, which I placed on a near godlike level, had just been mortally injured on my arm. I couldn’t help but laugh. I laughed for a while. I was living on a 125ft sailboat with 29 other people most of…

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