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Photos: Coastal Georgia








8 responses to “Photos: Coastal Georgia”

  1. davidshultsphoto Avatar

    really nice work!

  2. transplantedtatar Avatar

    Stunning! I love the first two images: such endless sky. Are those pelicans flying?

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      Thank you! And yes those are pelicans!

  3. Avatar

    it is tough but the sunset, clouds, and pier is my favorite, good work.

  4. kaisajuliette Avatar

    Wonderful photos !!

  5. lizabetsy1947 Avatar

    Awesome photos. I visited a friend, who lives on the coast in southern South Carolina some years ago. Your photos remind me so much of that lovely area.

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      Thank you! It was my first time visiting and I loved it!

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