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Photos: Springtime!

Spring 2013-27

Spring 2013-33





13 responses to “Photos: Springtime!”

  1. myfoodandflowers Avatar

    Nice picture of Magnolia tree!

  2. sarahnothing Avatar

    So beautiful! What lens did you use?

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      I took this photo with a fuji x10, it has a 28-112 2.0 lens fixed on it. It’s really an amazing camera for not being a DSLR.

      1. sarahnothing Avatar

        I see that! The depth of field is amazing. Good job.

  3. acoplador Avatar

    Reblogged this on " F I N I T U D E ".

  4. cynt5525 Avatar

    These are beautiful!!!*Cynthia

  5. inpursuitofadventureblog Avatar

    These are stunning! So happy its Spring!


  6. vishalbheeroo Avatar

    stunningly beautiful:)

  7. Debra Kolkka Avatar

    The magnolias are flowering in Lucca right now too…in the rain.

  8. leenasrp Avatar

    beautiful……… 🙂

  9. jayantadeepa Avatar

    Lovely, saw a lot of cherry blossoms on our recent trip to Scotland too. Love them

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