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Photo Essay: Spring in the Pacific NW











5 responses to “Photo Essay: Spring in the Pacific NW”

  1. anthonyvenable110 Avatar

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  2. David Krancher Avatar

    Whooo . . . you made me feel like a little boy again. Thanks!

  3. Kris Hendrickson Avatar
    Kris Hendrickson

    Awesome Lauriel!!! My favorite pictures of the bunch are the cute kinokos-(Japanese for mushroom) 3rd picture down and the emerging bud-(sixth picture down) with a spider web. What a pair of eyes you have!! “Big enough to see you”-(big bad wolf)…or Super Powered Uniqueness to see the “unseen by many”….continue your path of Awesome-ness….the road’s looking good!!!! (ps..your food is lonely…hee hee!!) Hope to see you/hang soon!!!!!!! Kriskross

  4. treesshrubs Avatar

    Sttunning photos…..we are at the other oend of the year down here ……the photos capture the joy of this planet just beautiful thankyou

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      Thank you! A stunning place anytime of year for sure 🙂

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