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Poem: She Danced Her Way Through the Morning

She danced her way through the morning

The songs of the night before singing in her mind

If anyone could see her they might question such unabashed joy

They might be afraid of such raw emotion

But, she was alone with her thoughts

No one was going to see her smile

No one would see her dance through her day

Her happiness was hers alone

She knew that what she was feeling was special

And never guaranteed

So she cherished every moment of it

And since the music continued to play in her thoughts

She just kept on dancing







8 responses to “Poem: She Danced Her Way Through the Morning”

  1. akhandsi Avatar

    Reblogged this on An Empty Glass and commented:
    touching 🙂

  2. shimmyshark Avatar

    Great shot of a bee. I got one, and felt lucky. Followed a huge butterfly into a grotto known to be home to three crocs today…wouldn’t pose for me, at all. Thanks !
    On my Way…

  3. sarahnothing Avatar

    I really relate to this like a spied moment in my day. Made me smile thinking I’m not alone.

  4. Michelle LeClair Avatar
    Michelle LeClair

    Your poem gave me goosebumps! It truly captures those special mornings!

  5. Jana Avatar

    Beautiful and joy filled, Lauriel! Love it!

  6. neverworrybehappy Avatar

    Beautiful. Just plain beautiful. :’)

  7. Kris Hendrickson Avatar
    Kris Hendrickson

    THanks for sharing Lauriel!!! Beautiful!!!! See you tomorrow at the naked lady dance party!!!! Kriskross

  8. Amie Michele Leroy Avatar
    Amie Michele Leroy

    Love music of the mind, love dancing, love it all.

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