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Photo: Moonrise






7 responses to “Photo: Moonrise”

  1. David Krancher Avatar

    This is beautiful, Laurial. Love the full tonal range you use: not just black and gold, with the moon in balance with the trees and horizon at twilight. I’m currently working on a poem with the moon as a subject. Would you allow me to use your photo as accompaniment to the poem when I put it up? I would use any credit line you wish. Thanks. David

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      Thank you! Yes, you are welcome to use it. You can credit it as by, Lauriel-Arwen. Cheers!

      1. David Krancher Avatar

        Thanks so much. And link it back to the original photo on your website, too. It’ll take a day or two or three. Cheers.

  2. cynt5525 Avatar

    Beautiful moon lit sky. cynthia

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