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A Poem: Out of Reach

I wrote this poem in the summer of 2011 and thought I would share it again

I watched as my heart contracted

My mind teetering on the edge

I noticed how the pit in my gut hardened and sank

And how with each breath I sighed

I watched myself for a long time

I turned inward and noticed my thoughts

They went in circles

Never forward, never ending

My hands were still

As was my gaze

My right foot tapped to a beat that found its way in

Outside it was raining

The drops falling as the dream of summer faded

But, it was still July

The season never came, it was in hiding

Just as my dreams were in hiding

Threatening to break through the fog

But, timid enough to evaporate instead

There was a fatigue in my eyes

I could feel them droop

But, I hadn’t cried in months

Maybe because whom I cared for most

Was out of reach

Nothing else was as sad

And everything was empty in his absence






3 responses to “A Poem: Out of Reach”

  1. xxsuzuxx Avatar

    I really like the rhythm in this.

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