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On Being “Freshly Pressed”

Last week when I decided to publish my Essay, The Swifts, Conflict, Decision Making and Following My Dreams, it was with trepidation. It was clearly quite personal and I wasn’t entirely sure I was comfortable with hundreds of people I didn’t know reading it. But, in the end I thought that it was valuable to put it out into the world in order to hold myself accountable to beginning the process of facing my fears. So when four hours after posting I received an email from an editor at WordPress congratulating me on being “Freshly Pressed”, I was in shock. Now my very personal essay would not just be read by my small group of followers, but by hundreds and maybe thousands of new people. I almost panicked and took the post down. But, after taking a few deep breaths I decided that this was clearly a sign that I could no longer hide from confronting these issues and that this was an opportunity to throw the door wide open on a new path in my life.

What I never expected though, was the incredible response I got from so many of you on how the essay impacted your own life and reflective process. I couldn’t believe how many people expressed gratitude for my words and could relate to my story. Every person who commented on my post telling me how much my story resonated with them was one more affirmation that sharing this essay was important for my own growth and healing and now the growth and healing of many others.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read my words and to those of you who shared your own personal stories with me. It’s always nice to know that we are not alone on our journey and that by being willing to express ourselves authentically we can help each other through difficult times. I hope to continue to share more thoughts on life as well as continue to share my photography, which is ultimately my outlet for expressing how I see the world.

Thank you again and be well~





4 responses to “On Being “Freshly Pressed””

  1. Jana Avatar

    Brava, Lauriel! As always, eloquently expressed and authentically you! Keep writing. i appreciate you.

  2. allisonmk Avatar

    Lauriel, I haven’t seen you in years, but thanks to that post, I feel like I just saw you last week. Your post helped me take a plunge. I’ve felt sick for weeks, months. The current political conversations had my whole body near tears everyday. And I’d clench my fists and scream only in my head “YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT MY MOM”, who basically died of lack of insurance. As her birthday approached, I felt it deeper and deeper, and after I read your piece I thought, why I am not saying anything? I’m worried about people disagreeing? About not doing a good enough job representing what I believe? About being judged? Screw it! My post was smaller — just my facebook and unread blog, but I still felt scared. It felt really good, from the moment I posted it, to finally say something.

  3. David Krancher Avatar

    It’s good to see a story about a “skillful way ahead with courage” be rewarded. Hopefully, the actual way ahead will also reward you. Best, David

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