San Sebastian, Spain

I have been wanting to go to San Sebastian ever since I heard about its reputation for amazing food over 6 years ago. Unfortunately, I think I picked the wrong day to visit (or so I thought at first)…today as I came through the Northern Spanish mountains by bus it begin to rain, and rain, and rain. By the time I arrived in town, the streets were empty, the shoppes all closed (it’s also unfortunately a Sunday), and the rain continued to fall. To be honest it was a nice reprieve from the heat of Madrid, but this supposedly lively beach town was, as far as I could tell, all indoors.

The hostel was a 20 minute, wet, lonely walk from the bus station and possibly one of the most over-priced, messy and cramped hostels I have ever stayed in. But that’s ok, it’s just a place to sleep really.

After a few hours in town the rain let up with just enough time to go for a walk to see the town and take some photos. And to my pleasure, San Sebastian is one of the most stunningly beautiful towns I have ever seen! And the weather made it all the more so…sometimes the silver lining in the cloud are the clouds themselves, so here’s a little taste of this incredible place!
















10 thoughts on “San Sebastian, Spain

  1. Doyeon Kim

    Hi!! Lauriel! It’s me, Doyeon!! We met in the way hostel in Madrid. Yes! That’s me! I am now back in Korea. Yoohoo!! On the day you left, I went downstairs around 8 to see if you were there yet, but no…I really wanted to say goodbye to you!! YOu know, I still owe you 2 euros! *wink wink* Maybe it’s a good reason for you to come visit me in Canada haha. And about the tipi/hippie albergue! I had to check my credential del peregrino, so I couldn’t tell you when I saw your book in the lounge. Anyway, It’s in ‘Villarmentero de campos’ It’s a really cool place. It’s almost at the entrance of the village, so you’ll know it very easily. I mean, Bob Marley’s music will drag you into the place 🙂 And the view in the morning around 7 am ….That’s just AMAZING……. You will not regret it!!!! Trust me!
    Hope you are having lots of fun in San Sebastian and on THE WAY, too. 🙂

  2. baopdx

    Enjoy your journey. I know part of this is also for nurturing your soul, so make every step of it count. Keep up the great journal entry. I really enjoy it before heading to work. You really captured the simplistic European lifestyle. I miss that a lot. Stay safe, always!


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