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The Deathpisode

I don’t sound as bad as I thought I would on this :). Great episode!




Lauriel Arwen, Sean, Orion, The Anonylosopher (or Bird of Prey/ or Soldier of Misfortune/ or The Philosoraptor).  There’s a poll just below these words to choose his name.  Vote yer pants off!!!  It’ll get you ready for November (…you might need your pants off in November).


We talk about:

How US culture deals with death, but specifically…What happens when we die?, Occam’s Razor, faith & beliefs, mysticism, Jung’s “Collective Unconscious”, ‘good art’, the creative process, philosophy, God




Click the play button to listen:

Just in case the audio player isn’t showing up on your device, clickhere.







‘Passion of the Christ’ & Jim Caviezel stories:

1) CBN’s ‘700 Club’ interview

2) Fox ‘News’ interview


4) Democratic Underground

5) Starpulse




Hey folks! I’d really like to make a living…

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