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Hey Spain! I’m Coming for You!

I leave for Spain in the morning and I have to say that I’m pretty excited, but I’m also secretly nervous. I’ve never done anything quite like this before…my first completely independent trip abroad and one in which I will be pushing my physical comfort zone pretty significantly. I keep thinking about what it will feel like to walk 650 miles. I love walking, but will I love walking that much? Will I be constantly exhausted and sore, or will I feel energized and inspired? Is my pack too heavy? Did I forget anything important? I know that ultimately none of these questions matter, but while I wait to leave I can’t help but think about what’s to come.

But, in just a day and a half and two flights later I will be in Madrid and it will be pushing 100 degrees. I’m going to be hot and tired and excited, but a few days after that I will be at the start of the Camino and my journey will begin whether I am ready or not! And I guess the truth is that my journey began the moment I decided to do this trip, so ready or not here I come!






2 responses to “Hey Spain! I’m Coming for You!”

  1. gardner310 Avatar

    Envious of your Camino trip, something I would love to do. Pace yourself, be open to everything and take lots of photos. Best of luck.

  2. rommel Avatar

    Love Spain! Have fun over there. The anticipation and nervousness will soon turn into excitement and wonders!

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