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Photo Essay: Central Oregon Night Sky

Last Weekend I had the opportunity to travel through Central Oregon and visit the Pine Mountain Observatory outside of Bend where I was able to check out Saturn and the M1 star cluster through high powered telescopes. Central Oregon has one of the best night sky viewing areas in the world and I would highly encourage anyone interested in astronomy to go visit sometime. It is simply incredible! This is my first ever attempt at night sky photography so I hope you enjoy!






3 responses to “Photo Essay: Central Oregon Night Sky”

  1. lizabetsy1947 Avatar

    I love your photos of the night sky. I grew up on a farm in South Africa, miles away from any form of light pollution – and continued to visit my parents there well into my adulthood. That Southern sky is unbelievable. I now live in UK but have yet to see the Northern sky to best advantage.

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      If you ever make it to Central Oregon in the US you won’t be disappointed, the sky is truly incredible there!

      1. lizabetsy1947 Avatar

        Who know. Perhaps I will one day. I’d love to travel more in the USA than I have done so far.

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