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Good weekend listening!




Comedian Sue Ceswick from Portland.  You’ll love her.


We talk about:

…starting out in the Portland comedy scene, mostly, but specifically:

the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, TAFKATAFKAP (The Artist Formerly Known as ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince’), James Adomian, Pete Holmes, Helium Comedy Club, Portland’s Funniest Person Contest, Gabe Dinger, did bomb or not did bomb?, Suki’s open mic, heckling, Sean Connery, Crystal Kordowski, Whitney Streed, Ian Karmel, Richie Stratton, Curious Comedy Theater



Click on the play button to listen:



If the audio player is not visible, don’t fret…just go to this link:





Hey folks! I’d really like to make a living doing something I love (it would even make these shows a ton better in the process).  It’s really easy to help…


If you like what I’m doing:

1) …say so on…

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