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Photo Essay: Spring in Portland, OR













14 responses to “Photo Essay: Spring in Portland, OR”

  1. bookzine Avatar

    I like the integraton of the pink int the photos – beautiful!

  2. Frances antoinette Avatar

    Wow, the last picture made me want to jump into the computer screen and join in on the pinkness floating throughout the shot!

  3. samson davis Avatar

    Those first 4 shots are masterful (if that’s a word).

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      Even though it is so simple, I am in love with the second one…

  4. Nic Freeman Avatar

    Love this post especially! Thanks for sharing Samson Davis of suggested your site to me and I’m so glad he did. Love your work.

  5. saurava mazumdar Avatar

    love all the pitures, specially the last one..

  6. Ann Jasmine Avatar

    really beautiful series of photos here! so well matched and stunning !

  7. amnonymous9 Avatar

    Good work, grate concepts.

  8. Blyss Avatar

    These are amazing photos. I spend my my early 20’s in Portland, and miss the spring time there, so very much.
    I can almost smell the flowers on the breeze looking at these.
    I am working with a weaver on a Portland inspired piece of cloth art… Can I use these in our inspiration collage?

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