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Check out this awesome Blog featuring Podcasts by my friend Sam Davis. Topics include Music, Comedy, Activism, and Life! This one here is when he found an old suitcase in his house full of home recordings of a musician who lived there in the 40’s. Check it out and follow his blog to get his shows! Cheers!


We found a suitcase in an old house of mine that was full of home recordings of a musician who lived there in the ’40s.

Here are some of my favorites, including a recording of a New Year’s party from December 31, 1945.



Lowry Dreger (& the Dreger Family)

We Talk About:

New Year’s Eve, found objects, home-made records, World War II, ‘After You’ve Gone’-Turner Layton/Henry Creamer, ‘Side by Side-Harry Wood, ‘Slippin around’-Floyd Tillman, ‘My Blue Heaven’-Walter Donaldson/George A. Whiting, ‘Blue Skies’-Irving Berlin, Auld Lang Syne


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    Thank you so very much–how nice of you…

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