The Perpetual Vagabond

Exploring the world near and far, mostly on foot.

Photo of the Day: Sunset in Seoul







6 responses to “Photo of the Day: Sunset in Seoul”

  1. Mars Avatar

    Beautiful shot! I love how dramatic the natural lighting of the sunset looks

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      Thanks! Smog does make for a beautiful sunset :/

      1. Mars Avatar

        You’re welcome! Cheers to upcoming photo posts!

  2. winefan Avatar

    Amazing photo. I am always a sucker for sunsets.

  3. Barbara Rößler Freizeichnen Avatar

    all the pictures full of atmosphere.i’m totally impressed

  4. viviennemackie Avatar

    I’m so glad I found your blog. Your pics are really lovely. I think we must be perpetual vagabonds too!

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