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Photo Essay: Kyushu Island, Japan

















112 responses to “Photo Essay: Kyushu Island, Japan”

  1. Mikalee Byerman Avatar

    What a fun, beautiful photo essay — gorgeous flowers! 🙂

  2. Carlie Chew Avatar
    Carlie Chew

    Beautiful pictures! I love your photo of the tea kettles.

  3. DoF@theinfill Avatar

    I really enjoy the mix of photos, particularly like the differing angles of the buildings and the homeliness of the kettles, but please tell me what the figures in stone are wearing. 😉

  4. LipiMac Avatar

    I loved the teapots 🙂

  5. RemarkablyRenee Avatar

    Unbelieveably gorgeous photos! I’ve always wanted to go to Kyushu, and you’ve cemented that desire!
    Now I’ve got to go buy a plane ticket if you’ll excuse me.

  6. thomaswrites Avatar

    Nice pics. What’s the story about the second one from the bottom? Ancestral tomb right? Are they bibs for eating?

  7. JPanda Avatar

    Love the photos. Nice collection of shots!

  8. Jenny Avatar

    Lovely photos! I have a tiny question about the statues: are they the Seven Gods of Fortune?

  9. David Krancher Avatar

    Reblogged this on dk and commented:
    As a worder, I appreciate the value in three-dimensional art. Kyushu tells a story here, along with the help of Laurie, The Perpetual Vagabond.


  10. jemilp Avatar

    THere are some great shots there!

  11. Rockwell Avatar

    I love the photos

  12. Katie Raspberry Avatar

    This is so amazing! Why is Japan so beautiful?
    My favorite photo was of the valley way, it displays culture and well – being (however, that’s only my opinion!) Absolutely love the photos!


  13. sheenasimone Avatar

    What a visual treat for the senses. Truly beautiful, visually captivating. WOW!

  14. Lilian Avatar

    What are the statues/monuments in the second-to-last picture?

  15. Franco Avatar

    God I love Japan.

  16. Ranadive Neelenchery Avatar

    Excellent collections and well documented !

  17. unicaz Avatar

    Hello, I want to ask why the stone figures have a bib around them? By the way, excellent pics!

  18. VivianaAyre Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful. I love it!

  19. Áine Warren Avatar

    Lovely, these make me want to go back to Japan.

  20. travellingduet Avatar


  21. meganchapple Avatar

    Beautiful photos

  22. lucybarclay Avatar

    Beautiful photos … I will visit Japan one day! 😀

  23. Jason Ministries Avatar

    Absolutly beautiful! 🙂 Thank you for posting.

  24. C.D. Avatar

    Nice photos, I love expecially the b/w and the last one with those beautiful colors. Thank you for sharing!
    Artphalt (

  25. Ancient Avatar

    O.o That place is absolutely beautiful. I have always wanted to go to Japan!

  26. allaricercadelviaggioperduto Avatar

    your photos are really breathtaking..

  27. Steven M Avatar

    Anyone would be happy to return to his home by the alley of the fourth photograph. Beautiful.

  28. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

    Wow, thank you everyone for the wonderful comments! Kyushu is truly spectacular! I unfortunately do not know much about the statues or the bibs…as there was a bit of a language barrier…Looks like I will have to do some research!! Cheers!

  29. Mariel Avatar

    Beautiful, beautiful photos!

  30. B Avatar

    Great shots!!

  31. bookzine Avatar

    Absolutely stunning. Great pictures.

  32. Leah Avatar

    Fantastic photos! Except for Okinawa, I haven’t been off Honshu yet. I would love to see Kyushu.

    The bibs on the statues–those are statues of Jizo, a Boddhisattva who protects children. They are decorated by parents whose children die prematurely so that he will take the children to the underworld properly. There’s a really good Japanese Buddhist dictionary with an explanation here:

  33. lijiujiu Avatar

    Wow! I can’t get over the amazing colours in your photographs!

  34. Indonesia Photos Avatar

    this cool, great capture so natural

  35. Eagle-Eyed Editor Avatar

    I love these images. Especially the mountain scenery. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  36. peregrinary Avatar

    you are incredibly talented at capturing the moods of a place.

  37. starlight Avatar

    i love your collection of photos.. by the way, what are those structures that have bibs? on them? and why?

    1. The Perpetual Vagabond Avatar

      I just found out myself! See the post above with the link for information 🙂

  38. sojourner walker williams Avatar

    I truly enjoyed your photo essay. Your photography is beautiful. You capture the essence of a place very well. There were so many vibrant textures.

  39. mudlips Avatar

    My fave is the teapots but this whole series is very evocotive.

  40. itssrijana Avatar

    i love the photos

  41. viviennemackie Avatar

    Truly beautiful photos—well done! We’ve been to japan a couple of times and love it.

  42. Fascinated by the Arab World Avatar

    Beautiful pix. I stayed in Fukuoka in the summer of 1987 and got a chance again to visit my friends again a few years later. Thanks for the memories.

  43. Grumpa Joe Avatar

    Really great photos.

  44. simplycessie Avatar

    really beautiful

  45. webmarketingapprentice Avatar

    Looks very nice! Love the photos!

  46. Adnan Kakazai Avatar
    Adnan Kakazai

    Small path in between homes, nice photography

  47. Fiere Avatar

    What a beautiful photo,but it’s little terrible

  48. mungo Avatar

    Nice blog, keep posting

  49. yellowcand Avatar

    what a beautiful photos!

  50. Pooja M (Optimisme) Avatar

    Beautiful photos 🙂

  51. emiliabrasier Avatar

    Oooh I like the tea pots.

  52. jai long Avatar

    these are incredible, i love the city scape with the mountains in the background.

  53. Cynthia Guenther Richardson Avatar

    Poetry…haiku for all. Many thanks vagabond.

  54. Cynthia Guenther Richardson Avatar

    Poetry for all. Many thanks.

  55. tunaman7787 Avatar

    Oh My God! What a nice place. Nice photography.

  56. filmcamera999 Avatar

    ..japan is one of those places that ive always wanted to see….i was once in the pacific northwest of the usa, and japan would’ve been just a hop away, but i just didnt get the courage to to do it! maybe soon…very good photos…would like a few more of the buildings in the little towns, narrow alleys etc..!

  57. norwagien scabies Avatar

    Excellent photos.
    This is really a good work. I appreciate your efforts behind that. Thanks for sharing.

    norwegian scabies

  58. keiness Avatar

    such amazing pictures make me wish that i’m in japan~~

  59. irsanadenz Avatar

    so beutiful ,, I want a vacation to Japan 😦 , but Indonesia with Japan is too far away so it takes a lot of money to be a vacation to Japan,, hehehee: D

  60. Absolute_Ambrosia Avatar

    wow. these pictures are incredibly inspirational! thank you for sharing

  61. emotionalsalad Avatar

    Beautiful Photographs!!!

  62. carinaofdevon Avatar

    I lived near Fukuoka for three years 1995-1998, and your beautiful photos are bringing back very happy memories of my travels all around Kyushu.

  63. carinaofdevon Avatar

    I lived in Fukuoka for three years from 1995 to 1998, and these beautiful photographs are bringing back many happy memories of my adventures around Kyushu.

  64. njaleruma Avatar

    That small but wonderful gadget ( CAMERA) had the secret,give me one you will find all the pictures from the Pearl of Africa lined on your wall.Thank you.

  65. MIckey Mouse Avatar
    MIckey Mouse

    these pics are soooooo cool! I love them, I also really want to go to Japan now…

  66. Hadas Avatar

    I liked the interplay between landscape and everyday scenes; the photos and the presentation.

  67. rainang Avatar

    lovely pictures 🙂

  68. traveleum Avatar

    Beautiful pictures!

  69. SpenceG Avatar

    These are beautiful pictures. Being in that island must be truly breathtaking.

  70. SpenceG Avatar

    Reblogged this on spencergrant32 and commented:
    Must see pictures from Kyushu Island, Japan.

  71. cnaska Avatar

    beautiful pictures.. I especially like the pictures of teapots and the alleyway but they’re all very nice.

  72. aFrankAngle Avatar

    Thanks for taking me on the journey.

  73. George Avatar

    Great photos 🙂
    Visit our blog:

  74. umanbn Avatar

    beautiful photos of a beautiful part of the world…:)

  75. Back-stage Avatar

    amazing picture from these courtries

  76. Brenda K Avatar

    Natsukashii! I was an exchange student for a year in Fukuoka (NW Kyushu) and LOVED it! Went back after graduating U and spent another seven years or so in Tokyo and loved that too.

  77. arunashouse Avatar

    Amazing landscape…thnks for sharing!!!

  78. Eat Pray Photograph Avatar

    Beautiful! Love them all!

  79. Christina Avatar

    Great photos. I wish I could visit!

  80. stefsvoice Avatar

    Oh wow! These are beautiful pictures. I can hardly wait for my next trip to Japan! 😀 Thanks!

  81. handcraftedsoap Avatar

    Beautiful and old style nostalgie

  82. riatarded Avatar

    I love the 4th shot! awesomeness!

  83. The Blissful Adventurer Avatar

    Wow! I want to go here and dive into the wonderful Japanese country foods!
    I just want to say congrats for being freshly pressed today. This was my first time in that club and want to shout out to all of you who share this great day with me.

  84. amazingazaleas Avatar

    Reblogged this on amazingazaleas and commented:
    This is a really beautiful way to interpret a place, and the photographer knows how to include all aspects.

  85. apartment304blog Avatar

    Wow, these photos of Japan are stunning.

  86. Justine de Jonge Avatar

    Such tranquil and delicate photos. Thankyou for sharing such beautiful imagery 🙂

  87. fionatrumper Avatar

    Stunning! Love the photograph of the tea pots!

  88. dearankita Avatar

    these are stunning – definitely a nice change to see this side of Japan as opposed to the city/ sky scrapers dominating images. i love it!

  89. […] Photo Essay: Kyushu Island, Japan « The Perpetual Vagabond. […]

  90. jemilp Avatar

    Love these photos!

  91. Profesor Avatar

    Love the little street one

  92. carlsonwebtech Avatar

    The photo of the teapots is the strongest of the set. I love it! Looking forward to future posts.

  93. jyhedgehog Avatar

    absolutely beautiful photos

  94. ashee Avatar

    great stuff and nicely said!!!!thanks!!!

  95. Carrie Avatar

    Amazing photos!!!

  96. shutoexpress Avatar

    Reblogged this on shutoexpress and commented:
    Oh my eyes are happy

  97. Photo Media Avatar
    Photo Media

    Nice shots !

  98. Dreamz Infra Avatar

    superb photos like it very much…

  99. bookzine Avatar

    Reblogged this on bookzine and commented:
    Sometimes pictures read like words too.

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