The Perpetual Vagabond

Exploring the world near and far, mostly on foot.



The sounds and smells of this forest let me know I am home.

I can close my eyes and inhale the deep, dank, musky smell of the of the earth, sweetened by the spring rains and the warming hint of summer.

I know I’m home as I walk through the woods and am followed by a chorus of bird calls, the winter wren, the black capped chickadee, and the dark eyed junco, the ones I have always heard and know so well.

In the distance there are cicadas in the trees, their buzz drowning out my own thoughts.

I know I am home as I hear the wind move through the trees and ever so gently encourage the leaves into spontaneous, communal dancing.







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  2. bookzine Avatar

    A wonderful poem – very lovely.

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